GlassHoles VS GlassHaters: This Can Only End Poorly

ImageA couple days ago I read a story about google glass that made me laugh and I thought I should share it with you. All of the links for this story will be posted below but here’s the jest of the story

A women, Sarah Slocum, wore her google glass out with here for a night of bar hopping with friends. Apparently at one of the bars she stopped at, she was showing someone how Glass works, when a couple of other female patrons began making some not so nice remarks and rolling their eyes at her. In a poorly executed counterattack, Slocum told the lady patrons that she would begin recording there offensive behavior if they didn’t knock it off. Instead of defusing the situation, her threat escalated the situation and the women began to physically and verbally assault Slocum.

An unidentified male patron stepped in and ripped the glasses off her face and proceeded to run out of the bar. Slocum went after him and while managing to get her Glass back someone stole her purse and other items from the bar.

All of this took place in San Francisco which is typically viewed as one of the most tech friendly places in America. I find it extremely saddening that these events took place, but really what did she think was going to happen. Anyone who uses google glass is bound to attract some attention. It not an everyday occurrence that you see someone talking to their glasses and it talking back to them. The last place I would wear my Glass would be to a bar. They’re simply too expensive and attract too much attention as we’ve seen in Ms. Slocum’s story.

This also brings up another issue. Throughout time people have criticized and “hated” on other people because one group may have something that other can’t get. “glass-haters” as mentioned in the article on TechnoBuffalo are going to be present and common sense should tell you that. Just because you have something doesn’t mean you should go flaunting it around at a bar. That makes you a “Glasshole.”

I’m going to be following this story pretty regularly so if you’re interested please leave your questions and comments below. Thanks for reading!


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